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Quick Facts

Everyone who has been following us for several years in our Telegram group knows that we are some of the most persistent, most active tipsters, possesing the widest range of knowledge in the betting industry. Most of us have permanent jobs as analysts and traders at some of the largest betting companies today.

This year, we decided to expand and widespread our work by starting this super transparent and easy to use website. With VAPA bet.com we want to maximize our revenue but also to give you - our clients, a head start into the world of online betting investments.

We have selected two services to cover the needs of the two main groups in betting – the beginners and the advanced. Continue Reading Here


We at VAPAbet.com have always cared about our customers and we are 100% loyal to them at all times. The first and most important rule in our team is - the customer comes first and foremost!

Transparency is of paramount importance to us. It’s the reason why we don’t have an ordinary archive like the other betting platforms and manipulable sites. Everyday we upload photos to our archive from our personal betting account at bet365. This is how we show our future customers that they can trust us completely. We take the same risks. Which is not the case with all other scam sites, with fake archives and no real bets placed.

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