We at have always cared about our customers and we are 100% loyal to them at all times. The first and most important rule in our team is that the customer comes first and foremost!

Transparency is of paramount importance to us. It’s the reason why we don’t have an ordinary archive like the other betting platforms and manipulable sites. We upload screenshots from our personal betting account at bet365. This is how we show our future customers that they can trust us completely. We take the same risks. Which is not the case with all other scam sites, with fake archives and no real bets placed.

Replacement policy:
• If you buy our starter service - VAPA Single Bet once and the result is a loss, you will get a new single bet + one more bonus bet with security over 92%. This way, you will not only regain what you have lost, but you will also be in profit, and it's completely free! This type of forecast is suitable for clients who have not yet gained enough confidence in themselves and do not have an opinion about us. If you feel confident in yourself and you already understand that we will be 100% useful to you, then the best option for you is to buy 10 Singles, since in this case you will save 20% from the price.
• Replacements for the 10 Singles are provided if you have more than 3 losses. We will compensate you with free forecasts until you recover and re-accumulate the assets in your account. Best case scenario, you will recover for 1 day, after a few consecutive free singles, which are required to be placed separately.

• Vapa Vip Bet is a service that is used by the proffesional betors with an extensive experience in soccer betting! A large enough betting budget is also mandatory. These are our safest daily bets and we will show you that you can make solid profits with them.
• This type of forecast is given with a special level of security, and we will advise you exactly how much of your bank to bet. We will also provide you with a logical explanation of the bet itself and information about the event. When you buy one prediction and it’s a loss, you will get a free bet with a special betting strategy on the next day. The replacement bet will have at least 95% security. We keep some of our safest bets, which we give our VIP long-term clients for this very purpose - to cover your losses from a potential loss and to bring you the same profit from the first bet.
• For serious customers who want to take advantage of 10 VIP forecasts - you receive a 20% discount with their purchase, which is already taken into account in the total price. If you have more than 2 losses for the 10 bets, you receive a 3-day special multi-betting plan made by the best selected predictions from our strongest source expert!

We hope this covers most of the information about the method that we use to make sure you don’t loose any money. A word of advise from us - always contact us through our contact form before you make a purchase. This way you will see for yourself that you will receive an immediate answer and your forecast will be with you in less than 1 minute .