Quick Facts

All of our ling-time subscribers in the classic VapaBet Telegram group know that we are some of the most persistent, most active tipsters, who posses the widest range of knowledge in the betting industry. Most of us have permanent jobs as analysts and traders at some of the largest betting companies today.

This year, we decided to expand and widespread our work by starting this super transparent and easy to use website. With VAPA bet.com we want to maximize our revenue but also to give you - our clients, a headstart into the world of online betting investments.

We have selected two services to cover the needs of the two main groups in betting – the beginners and the advanced. A word of advice for the Beginners out there – you may not want to start right away with our VAPA VIP Bet. Instead, gradually and smoothly enter online betting with the VAPA Single Bet, and we will help you in doing so with all the tools that are in our disposal.

Once you have accumulated enough revenue, you can go to the higher level. You can start using our VIP bets and soon you will gain the confidence and the results that will separate you from the others and will put you up there in the Proffesionall Bettor League .

Of course, if you are a beginner bettor, but you have the budget for the VIP tips, we will help you get started with them right away and we will teach you how to make money with them in the long run.

All of the above is an honest summary of what we can bring to the table, helping you achiveve the results you always wanted. It is all backed by our coefficient tracking tools, the trading systems of the major betting companies and, last but not least, the statistical samples of the most famous and successful betting programs.

To top that up, we will always bet real money in our Bet365 account for all the Tips we provide and will share a screenshot of the outcome as proof that we are in this together.